If any good came out of the circuit breaker, it’s the fact that F & B players are tapping on the power of collaboration more than ever. Just like a well-constructed meal, pairing craft cocktails or fine wine with cuisine par excellence leads to a dinner that’s better than the sum of its parts.

Of course, it isn’t that chefs didn’t know how to play nice before – because they have – but Phase 1 of the circuit breaker was something special. For example, Restaurant Nouri teamed up with a whopping 18 other restaurants and eateries, including Artichoke alum Lee Yum Hwa’s pasta-focused concept Ben Fatto 95. These team-ups almost always result in a culinary experience that’s at the very least, novel and exciting. What else can you expect when a group of chefs with different culinary backgrounds and work experience at different kitchens get together and go a little crazy?

Now, more than ever, these collaborations have proven that the F & B is as industrious as it is resilient. Coming together as a matter of survival pushed the industry to create bigger and better things under pressure: and we’re excited for what team-ups they’d dream of next.

Gully x Blu Kouzina

F & B collaborations Gully

Gully is an ode to street food flavours around the globe, started in collaboration with Blu Kouzina’s Khima Nand Kharel. Its eclectic menu brings comfort food from a variety of regions: think Nepalese momo dumplings, Indonesian tempeh sauteed with sambal, German currywurst, Taiwanese fried chicken sliders and of course, Mediterranean plates such as falafel and rice. Gully proves that nothing is set in stone when it comes to cooking great grub, especially when you’ve got cuisines throughout the world to pick from. All said though, teaming up with Greek heavyweights Blu Kouzina necessarily results in an Aegean-inspired slant with classics like gooey saganachi cheese topped off with fig sauce and spanakopita.

Available for delivery and takeaway. 10 Dempsey Road. Whatsapp 8485-0820.

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The Old Man Singapore x The 1925 Brewing Co.

F & B collaborations The Old Man Singapore

The Old Man Singapore is back with a new menu (perhaps somewhat lackadaisically titled Best of the Old Man v2). The conception of the new drinks though, are as well thought-out as usual. Founders and managing partners Agung Prabowo, Andrew Yap and team’s offerings continue to take inspiration from Ernest Hemingway’s literature, incorporating an old-school amber lager courtesy of the folks at The 1925 Brewing Co. Titled the Undefeated (a 1927 short story by the famed author), the collaborative drink is a medium-bodied, amber lager that’s been Wild Turkey-infused oak, which smooths out the citrus and fruit of the base beer with wood caramel and vanilla notes. Fans of the bar’s cocktails won’t be disappointed either: they’ve got a punchy new cocktail on the block that features a mix of glutinous-rice-cooked mezcal, Wild Turkey whiskey, amaro nonino, Campari, pom-beet shrub and charcoal called the Torrents of Spring. The Old Man Singapore is of no small renown: after all, it snagged the 38th spot on The World’s Best Bars 2019.

#01-04, 55 Keong Saik Road. Tel: 6909-5505.

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Meatsmith x Jack Daniels

F & B collaborations Meatsmith

We’ve covered Meatsmith at length: The Full Metal Smokehouse is equipped with an in-house smoker that delivers great American barbeque in all its smoky, unctuous glory. It’s no secret that good booze goes well with flavoursome meat: which is why Meatsmith has partnered with another brand steeped in American heritage, Jack Daniels. They’ve concocted a tasting set (no doubt as a part of the Fourth of July celebrations) that features the best of both worlds: classic Meatsmith must-gets like their brisket springrolls, ribs and Black Onyx dry-aged striploin, as well as a burnt and deliciously moreish smores tart, that comes with a corresponding pairing of the famed Tennessee whiskey. Word is there are around ten sets of the original 25 left, so you’d better hurry.

Available for delivery or takeaway. 167/169 Telok Ayer Street. Tel: 8126-0431.

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