The House of Mumm is giving us one more option for celebrating our special occasions with the release of the Collection du Chef de Caves, a set of three vintage champagnes in Magnum. Initially kept to track their winemaking history, G.H.Mumm Cellar Master Didier Mariotti has selected three vintage years – 1985, 1990, and 1996 – for a global release of 150 sets, with only 3 of these sets coming to Singapore.

Despite the champagnes having been preserved for decades, the high level of acidity keeps it fresh and sweet, as though it was just bottled yesterday. The complexity of the taste lingers on the tongue for a long finish before leaving you wanting more. With the levels of Pinot Noir ranging from a modest 62% on the 1996, a moderate 75% on the 1985, and an intense 81% on the 1990, the adept tongue might register more of the wine factor, especially in the 1990, but it also contributes to the longer finish. Compared to the 1985 which is fruitier and darker, the 1996 tastes like a younger, more exuberant champagne with a slight hint of white truffles.

The Collection du Chef de Caves is available at The White Rabbit, Sky on 57, and Gunthers.