[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hen a restaurant is on the main strip of a busy hotel lobby, jostling for the attention of passers-by who might be distracted by the more glitzy casino and luxury retail boutiques, it is easy to miss its unassuming presence.

But the lack of flamboyance is exactly what makes Adrift by David Myers stand out. A striking contrast against the glossy corridor of Marina Bay Sands, the interior of this year-old small plates restaurant is dark and handsome.


Fusion, East-meets-West, Asian-inspired – label the Los Angeles chef’s menu any way you deem fit but one thing is for sure, the execution is not, well, cut adrift from Myers’ vision, which is to offer an evolving and fun dining experience.

Take the cold appetiser of heirloom tomatoes and octopus. The charred mollusc is tender and a good contrast texturally to the juicy tomatoes. A sherry curry vinaigrette gives a nice lift at the end. The juicy hanger steak is also not to be missed. Grilled to perfection, it is lightly dressed in a moreish ginger soya that whets the appetite and is accompanied by a refreshing watercress salad.

The dessert is also delightful. A combination of white chocolate mousse with rhubarb, strawberry, and crispy rice tuile, it makes a fun, light end to a meal here – and you can even eat it with your hands.


Adrift by David Myers
Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Lobby Tower 2
T 6688-5657

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All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.