[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he sound of a plate shattering on the floor usually makes guests flinch and wonder which poor soul is due for a dressing-down. At Catalunya, it’s an indication of a job well done.

The restaurant celebrates its Spanish roots by cutting the tender Segovian suckling pig with the blunt edge of a plate – after which the plate is hurled on the floor to signify the dispersal of bad luck.


The enthusiasm to share such nuggets of Spanish culture defines this establishment. Yet it is also the liveliness that draws. From the chatty service staff to the obligatory jamon stand, guests are thrust into a convivial atmosphere. And once the conversation – and tapas plates – starts flowing, it’s hard to stop.

A highlight of the menu is a toothsome Catalonia-style octopus imbued with the rich flavours of pork dewlap. Gratifying, too, is a lobster paella large enough for two, which boasts sea-fresh flavours. After your meal, either kick back at the bar area upstairs, or soak up one of the best restaurant views yet, with the restaurant literally at the water’s edge of bustling Marina Bay.

Catalunya Singapore
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