A one Michelin-starred steakhouse since 2016, CUT by Wolfgang Puck is an institution for finely marbled cuts of meat treated with the utmost respect. One of the few places to get the prestigious Hokkaido ‘Snow’ beef or heritage breeds of Red Poll and Longhorn, the restaurant now offers award winning Kagoshima bone-in craft wagyu.

It has taken two years of negotiations and goodwill to convince Japan’s largest family-owned, Mizusako Farm, located in the temperate conditions of Ibusuki, at the southernmost region of Kyushu, for a portion of their famous Kagoshima bone-in craft wagyu. Beef can only be called craft wagyu if it comes from a 100% family-owned homestead such as the 53-year-old Mizusako farm. 

The Kagoshima black cattle wagyu grows up is surrounded in a pristine environment with mineral-rich spring water and is on a strict chemical-free diet feed which consists of okara (beancurd), roasted soybeans, grains, sweet potatoes and locally grown vegetables. The mild weather also contributes to the intricate marbling in the meat.

Due to limited quantities, the bone-in craft wagyu will be available for an estimated five to eight days per month at the restaurant. The 800gm ribeye is grilled over charcoal and apple wood, and best enjoyed with a dash of Yuzu Kosho Butter. 

CUT by Wolfgang Puck is located at 2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 71, Singapore 018972.