For durian lovers, Goodwood Park’s annual Durian Fiesta has become something of a festival in its own right. While already known for their creations like choux pastry filled with heady durian pulp, the Durian fiesta takes things to the next level with the introduction of a plethora of new – and old – desserts featuring the king of fruits.

Coincidentally – or not – this year’s event somewhat fills the gap between the typical durian seasons of December to February, and June to September. Between 8 March to 1 August, the pastry chefs at Goodwood Park Hotel will be offering handcrafted pastries featuring two of the most popular durian varietals: mao shan wang, and D24.

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New creations this year include the D24 pandan waffle cake – a mash-up of the mille-feuille and a local favourite that sees pandan waffles layered with durian pulp and topped with caramelised coconut sauce, gula melaka coconut crumble, and desiccated coconut. There’s also a take on the mont blanc, here rendered with purple sweet potato and durian pulp that sits on a chestnut almond cream tart shell.

D24 & Sweet Potato in Chestnut Tartlets

For those that lean towards the philosophy that the king of fruits should come as minimally adorned as possible – like us – the D24 kueh dadar is a sure winner. The durian pulp is the star of the show here, with supporting roles played by a fluffy pandan crepe, and a minute amount of coconut flakes cooked with gula Jawa – a milder version of gula Melaka that lets the durian shine.

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Want to try them all? the hotel is also offering a D24 Durian Combo from 8 to 31 March. The set combines 6 different pastries, including new creations like the D24 & sweet potato chestnut tartlet, and a D2 triple chocolate cake; as well as perennial favourites like the D24 crepe and mousse cake.

If you’re dining in at Min Jiang, don’t forget to pick up an order of the D24 in layered flaky pastry, a warm treat that sees the durian pulp stuffed in a oil-and-water dough that’s deep fried to form tender, fragrant layers.


All available at The Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel. Head here for online orders.