Durian strawberry logcake from Goodwood Park Hotel

Few fruits inspire such divisiveness as the durian. For those who love the creamy, pungent decadence of the fruit though, the stalwart Goodwood Park’s yearly durian fiesta is godsent. The festival dedicated to this king of fruits has been running for 36 years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

This year sees six new creations made with the trusty D24 variety, including an inventive durian mont blanc tart that combines matcha and chestnut mousse with durian pulp. For those who like their durian flavour a little more subtle, the D24 Strawberry Bliss proves to be a refreshing alternative with creamy durian pulp, fluffy sponge cake, and perfumed strawberries.

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Other highlights include four different D24 ice cream bars coated in options like dark chocolate, almond, cappuccino, and Oreo; and a commemorative cake (five days advance order required, limited to 200 cakes) that celebrates the history of Singapore with four flavours in one cake: coffee, pandan, gula Melaka, and durian mousse.

The new D24 creations, and perennial favourites like Goodwood Park’s durian crepe and puffs will be available 15 March to 14 July.

Between 4 May to 14 July 2019, the prized mao shan wang confections become available — creations include a giant profiterole piped with mao shan wang mousse; and an upgraded version of their ironic durian mousse cake.

Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road. Tel: 6730 1786

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