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Gourmet Ice Cream: the scoop on the best ice creams to keep close

These restaurants and dessert cafes are the best places to get gourmet ice cream to satisfy that nagging sweet tooth now that it’s Phase 2.

Though it’s been a rainy couple of days, the omnipresent Singaporean sun is coming back soon. When the time comes, you’ll want to keep this list of gourmet ice creams handy: restaurants and cafes are doing everything and anything to bring a fresh spin (or should we say churn) to the age-old dessert.

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That might mean coming up with contemporary flavours that boggle the mind – after all, it’s in vogue to mix savoury and sweet nowadays. Whether that’s the simple joy of mixing French fries in McDonald’s vanilla cones, to the machinations of 1-VU’s Ace Tan, resulting in a red-and-yellow-miso-spiked ice cream topped off with soy caramel.

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Else, there’s always how you’re making it: with the plant-based diet gaining traction, dairy (and therefore conventional ice cream) goes out the window in favour of coconut milk. This is especially relevant for those who are lactose intolerant. In the end, the frozen dessert’s versatility is what makes it so suitable for experimentation by ingenious chefs and creameries – which is why it’s the perfect time to whip out our silverware and dig in, rain or shine.

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    Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise is so much more than your usual Instagram-worthy ice cream shop (though it’s quite a looker, thanks to its minimalist, stark white approach to the storefront). Balancing the heavy aromas of herbs, spices and flowers into gelato while taking inspiration from treasured local flavours is no mean feat, but it’s an art that the artisans at the shop seem to have gotten down to a tee. While you won’t get your usual chocolate chip or rocky road here, they’ve got strawberry basil and white chrysanthemum that manages to delicately balance herbaceous and floral notes with sweet undertones. They’ve also got thyme-infused cones done a la minute, which lends an additional layer of olfactory delight if you’re willing to give it a go.

    Various locations.

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