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How 7 Chefs Create Their Instagram-Worthy Food Photos

You'll probably have missed the finer touches these top-tier chefs have put on their masterpieces.

We have come up with another list of popular Instagram-worthy dishes served at fine dining restaurants. Find out the inspiration behind each dish.

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  • vlv-crab-steamed-with-bonito-and-egg-white-1
    VLV's steamed crab with bonito and egg white

    On a smooth bed of steamed egg white, the saturated red of a crab shell stands out in stark contrast, while its roe is artfully fanned out for maximum impact. This dish of steamed crab, cooked simply to bring out the natural sweetness of the seafood, is plated with pictures in mind.

    “Appealing plating and presentation of dishes are distinctive hallmarks of the dishes we serve at VLV,” says executive chef Martin Foo, adding that he constantly reimagines traditional and authentic flavours for the modern diner. “And the modern diner always tries to capture in images the food they eat!” Chef Foo uses social media to keep in touch with the other chefs and restaurateurs in the industry, as well as to get insights on his customers experiences and the dishes they enjoyed.