Future travel planning featured

Though lockdowns are beginning to ease in various countries, it isn’t the time to start planning your next getaway just yet. It’s more than likely that global travel as we know it will change irrevocably from the Covid-19 outbreak – airlines, hotels, and other hospitality establishments will have their hands full adapting to a post-coronavirus world. We’re particularly excited for what’s next in the luxury travel world – be it new luxury hotel openings, or arcane travel opportunities that are coming to the forefront.

Whether that comes in the form of off-the-beaten-track tours or retreats to remote corners of the world that’ve been on the rise even before the coronavirus outbreak, luxury travel might mean exclusivity and space for oneself now more than ever.

We wouldn’t write off conventional luxury though – new boutiques and resorts from the likes of Capella and Six Senses continue to prove that the appetite for bespoke travel experiences hasn’t waned.

Here’s our pick of some future travel plans that feature the best of exciting new luxury hotel openings as well as esoteric experiences for the well-worn traveller.


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