These luxury safari tours

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]here’s more than vast savannahs and wildlife in Africa, according to andBeyond. Alongside trips to conservation reserves, the luxury safari experts are offering humanitarian programmes for travellers interested in philanthropic opportunities. They will get to visit and talk to beneficiaries of non-profit schools, clinics or farming projects supported by reputable organisations.

The trips are 10 to 12 days, arguably too brief a time to make a discernible impact, but guests can continue to support a cause of their choice after the trip, through monetary means or otherwise. Additionally, a percentage of the tour package goes to beneficiaries.

CEO of andBeyond Joss Kent assures that communities benefit from these tourism-enabled programmes.

“We provide direct employment, support of local businesses, and funding for education and health care infrastructure to these communities,” Kent shares. “They are also empowered, without further reliance on outside support.”

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