It’s February 2020. Juice detoxes (read: crash diets) are out, and once again we scramble to find the latest scheme that guarantees weight loss and wellness without, well, much effort. One diet stands tall – and has been for awhile, after it was named Best Diet Overall in the U.S News & World Report annual rankings for the third straight year recently. The diet mimics various cuisines from the ever-sunny Mediterranean region, with an emphasis on plant-based whole foods, nuts, extra virgin olive oil and seafood. From tapas to carpaccio, or shakshuka to spanakopita, the region offers centuries of gastronomic delights that prove healthy doesn’t mean bland.

Studies have shown that the diet can ward off chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol, as well as dementia and depression. And of course, it helps you keep the weight off. The best part? Nothing is completely off-limits: not alcohol, not meat and especially not carbs. You don’t have to restrict your calories, nor when you have them. That makes the Mediterranean diet one of the easiest diets to adhere to, especially when dining out where you can’t control what goes into your food. These are some of our tropical island’s latest restaurants and menus that make dieting actually delicious.


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