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Mid-Autumn Festival 2020: Our favourite mooncake gift box designs

You eat with your eyes as well as your mouth - so feast well this Mid-Autumn Festival with some of the prettiest mooncake boxes this year.

Mid-Autumn Festival is comes October 1 this year, and brands are gearing up for the fight. After all, it’s difficult to grab your attention when the season inspires all manner of colourful, multi-hued liveries for the sweet pastries. Here’s our pick of the Mid-Autumn Festival’s best boxes that’ve bedazzled us with their eye-catching designs and attention-to-detail.

Stay tuned as more mooncake boxes comes in – we’ll be keeping this space updated, so check back often. We’ve also got a list of the season’s most innovative flavours, if you’re interested.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Mooncake Boxes Hai Tien Lo

    Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

    Adorned in classically oriental red, intricate floral motifs and a wooden lattice showpiece that reflects the design of the restaurant itself, Hai Tien Lo understands the allure of traditional design done well - especially during a festival steeped in so much history.


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