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Mid-Autumn festival 2021: the best mooncake boxes and flavours

Every manner of snowskin and baked mooncake flavours you can think of, plus some of the most unique boxes we've seen.

While the Mid Autumn Festival is not until 21 September, it’s never too late to start planning the inevitable mooncake gifting – or thinking about what you want to indulge in. Here’s our pick of our favourite box designs, and flavours for this year.

  • Da Li Rose and Strawberry Chocolate Snow-Skin Mooncake

    Raffles Hotel Singapore

    Raffles Hotel Singapore’s duo of new flavours begins with a creation that’s itself a nod to the hotel’s Chinese Restaurant, Yi by Jereme Leung, and its signature Da Li rose petal ice cream. Expect a snowskin mooncake with a marked floral bouquet that’s entwined with an alluring tinge of strawberry chocolate. The latter snowskin mooncake melds caramelized Yunnan dark brown sugar with rum and candied winter melon for a construction that’s rich and sugary, but grounded. Other decadent faves, like a Champagne-infused truffle snowskin mooncake that’s paired with, what else, Raffles-exclusive Billecart-Salmon Champagne Brut Reserve, return as well. Comes in an iridescent cream-gold metal box with floral motifs. 

    Available from July 30 to September 15.

    Order from Raffles Hotel Singapore.


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