[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hile first impressions count, do keep an open mind if you are a first-timer at Mitzo. Granted that the Japanese-sounding name and contemporary dining room sporting bold-coloured panels do not necessarily conform to the image of a Chinese restaurant, but we feel that stereotypes are meant to be broken.

Mitzo’s modern and colourful setting.

Mitzo takes pride in being a contemporary Cantonese restaurant. Think individual plating, and East meets West culinary combinations. Executive head chef Nicky Ng does a commendable job of crafting food with finesse, while sticking to the brief. The Mitzo black truffle crispy roast duck, with perfectly crisp skin and juicy meat accompanied by savoury truffle sauce, is excellent.

Dim sum is well executed and visually pleasing. We like the creativity added to the har gow whose smooth translucent skin is speckled with bits of purple cabbage. The steamed morsel is then topped with caviar for a touch of luxe. Xiao long bao is given a twist: the green dumplings are filled with double-boiled duck soup. Equally good are mains like steamed codfish with minced Japanese pickled ginger, and comforting poached rice with succulent lobster meat in a rich superior broth.

Perfectly executed roast duck with crisp skin is paired with a black truffle sauce.

If you fancy a drink, try Mitzo’s Chinese-inspired cocktails such as Uncle Negroni, a classic negroni made with red dates infused with genever, and aged in an oak barrel, or the Chinese Collins, a Tom Collins reworked with Chinese herbal tea and goji berry syrup.

Level 4, Grand Park Orchard, S(238857)
T 6603-8855

The full list of Singapore’s Best at
G Restaurant Awards 2017.

All tastings conducted incognito with esteemed members of G’s Food Panel.