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Mid-Autumn Festival 2020: exquisite mooncake flavours to order

During times of unrest, turn back to the comforts of convivial celebrations, homely pastries and ever-so-familiar flavours.

The mooncake festival is always an exciting time. Not just because we get to feast on the decadent pastries, but more-so for the precious time spent with family reminiscing over – and creating – timeless memories. Though we’re limited to a gathering of five for now, just think of it as an excuse to make multiple trips throughout the day in celebration of the annual event.

After all, there’s nothing more comforting than timeworn flavours amid a time of uncertainty. Sure, brands are continuing to come up with innovating and exciting new variations on the traditional pastry, but the enduring quality of old-style, handcrafted mooncakes is something that’ll never, ever go out of fashion.

And if the flavours don’t excite you, how about mooncake boxes? Nothing sets the tone like a well-made mooncake box – which at the very least, provides some much-needed respite from other worrisome topics. Here’s our pick of Mooncake Festival 2020’s best flavours and decadent treats.

  • Cocktail mooncake pairings at Manhattan Bar

    Regent Singapore

    All the flavours of Regent Singapore are on display this year with mooncake flavours created by each of the hotel's F&B concepts. Flavours include a pistachio, fig, and Amarena cherry combination from Italian restaurant Basilico; and boozy versions like a rum, spiced coconut, and yuzu combination from Manhattan Bar. Meanwhile, more traditional versions can be found from Tea Lounge and Summer palace – think green tea with melon seeds, and black sesame paste. For those planning their Mid Autumn with a little more revelry, Manhattan has created four cocktails to pair with the various snowskin mooncake flavours – we're big fans of the heady, dark flavours of the double espresso and almond marzipan snowskin mooncake, paired with the Lecce cocktail, a coffee and amaretto-spiked spin on the negroni. Mooncake and cocktail pairings are also available for dine-in at Manhattan, or as a takeaway with bottled cocktails up till 28 September 2020.

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