Mother's Day Meal Kits featured

Mother’s Day is now only five days away. If you haven’t made plans (or your third souffle has failed to rise), don’t panic. It’s not too late to pivot to something a little more manageable. With the slew of deliveries and takeaways that restaurants are now providing, some have come up with meal kits that are great for a Mother’s Day feast.

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These come as an array of fresh food that would save you from scouring various baking or premium ingredients lists, or a step further with pre-cooked meal kits that only require reheating or some final touches. We’ve labelled them for your convenience below.

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At the very least, getting a meal kit or two might make for a fine evening on its own. Else, splurge on one of the more premium meal kits for a quick Mother’s Day fix. Here is our pick of last-minute meal kits for any events you have in mind.