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National Day 2021: Locally inspired menus to celebrate our Singaporean spirit

These restaurants have put out locavore feasts to consume at, and commemorate, home on our nation’s birthday.

The National Day long weekend isn’t really the same without the promise of fireworks and a grand old party to celebrate Singapore’s 56th birthday – but we’ll do our part and stay home. That doesn’t mean that we can’t support local businesses while doing it. Especially since these businesses are pouring in heart and soul into stirring up some great grub from their culinary coffers – grub that’s specifically curated by our nation’s potpourri of gastronomic influences to evoke a comforting sense of home in trying times.

  • Gaig-OysterOmelette

    Restaurant Gaig

    The local chapter (and first international outpost) of Barcelona’s Michelin-starred Gaig are celebrating our nation’s birthday with an elevated spin on oyster omelette. They’ve forgone the tapioca flour altogether, in favour of quail eggs with yolks and white fried separately for that perfect sunny side up, crowned with plump oysters and caviar. The restaurant’s usual line-up of Catalan cuisine in all its tapas-rich, Mediterranean glory accompany this National Day special.

    Available from August 1 – 31. Order from Restaurant Gaig.


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