Oceania Cruises Vista

Photo: Oceania Cruises

Imagine a voyage where world-class cuisine takes centre stage amidst the tranquil beauty of the open seas. Culinary-focused cruise lines have emerged as a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a feast for the senses that transcends traditional dining experiences. And in this realm, Oceania Cruises has earned a reputation as a maestro of the culinary arts, even going as far as to trademark the phrase ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’.

Vista, the latest jewel in Oceania Cruises’ fleet, is set to uphold their renowned food standards. During its debut at the Portside Gala Ceremony in Valletta, Malta in May, the first of the line’s Allura Class vessels unveiled 11 culinary venues onboard, including three exclusive additions for Vista, along with the introduction of Oceania Cruises’ new mixology line.

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Three new culinary venues

Oceania Cruises Vista
Photo: Oceania Cruises

Continuing to redefine ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’, Vista presents three new additions exclusive to the ship. Ember, the authentic American dining room, stands out at the top of the list. Over and above a classic steak, guests can look forward to braised short ribs on a bed of creamy polenta and a comforting French dip sandwich. Other signatures include the perfect pairing of grilled swordfish with tender asparagus spears and crab cakes complemented with zesty aioli. 

To accompany the culinary offerings, Ember presents an enticing selection of libations, such as a variety of unique wines and crafted beers. The true highlight, however, lies in the themed cocktails, which range from refreshing long drinks to sophisticated aperitif-style concoctions like California Dreaming, First Avenue, Sicilian Godfather, and Tennessee Nights. 

Among the culinary venues aboard, Aquamar Kitchen stands out as a haven for health-conscious diners. The kitchen presents a nutritious menu featuring options such as the tahini-based Pita Sabich, where the nutty notes of tahini beautifully accentuate the combination of crispy falafel, tangy pickles, and fragrant herbs.

Another option is the slow-roasted salmon with quinoa tabouleh, featuring a flaky salmon fillet that is served alongside a medley of fresh vegetables. For those craving a taste of the sea, the yellowfin tacos with crunchy white cabbage slaw are a true delight. 

To go with these lean and healthy dishes, Aquamar Kitchen focuses its beverage selection on low- and no-alcohol options, including the Skinny Mimosa, White Cane Spirit Rum, and Passion Fruit Colada. 

Concluding the list is The Bakery, located within the Baristas coffee bar on Deck 14, where guests can indulge in an irresistible assortment of French and Italian pastries while gazing over the azure blue sea. Standout baked goods include the chocolate-almond croissant, sinfully sweet bombolini, and French beignets. 

Crafting liquid art at the mixology bar

Beyond culinary excellence, Vista is embracing innovation in the realm of beverages with The Casino Mixology Bar, which is dedicated to the art of crafting extraordinary cocktails.

Guests can indulge in ready-made Negronis straight from the barrel or the ‘Flavour Blaster Gun’ cocktails, which are topped off with vapour-filled bubbles infused with aromatic flavours. With a focus on visually striking creations, The Casino Mixology Bar is an up-and-coming Instagram hotspot.

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Exceptional staffing ratio and room size

Oceania Cruises Vista
Photo: Oceania Cruises

As Oceania Cruises is a carrier of small, luxurious ships, it is unsurprising that Vista boasts a staffing ratio of two crew members for every three guests, ensuring unparalleled service and attention. 

The other standout feature of the ship is its spacious standard staterooms, which exceed 290 sq ft in size, providing guests with more-than-ample room to relax and unwind. Vista also offers new Concierge Level Veranda Staterooms, specifically designed for solo travellers, that come with room service from The Grand Dining Room, free laundry cleaning, and unlimited access to the spa. 

Other culinary-focused cruises

Vista joins a long line-up of culinary-focused cruises. The Peak previously embarked on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, which featured gourmet cooking classes at the Culinary Arts Kitchen. We also took an idyllic trip from Bangkok to the ancient temple ruins at Ayutthaya aboard the Loy River Song, where we were served delectable Thai cuisine. 

Come September, Vista will embark on trips to Canada and New England, immersing passengers in the beauty of these scenic destinations. Following this, it will set sail southward, offering enchanting winter itineraries that traverse Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, with Miami serving as the ship’s homeport.

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