Now that we’ve moved into Phase Two, it’s time to see what’s back – and sadly, what’s not. We’ll miss some of the heavy hitters that won’t be reopening, including one-Michelin-starred Vianney Massot. That said, we’re excited to get back out there and support the F&B industry – and what better way than by eating and dining at our favourite fine-dining restaurants, now reopened?

Do note that social distancing rules – in other words, reduced seating capacities – are still in place for most F&B establishments. It might be nigh impossible to secure a booking at your favourite restaurant for at the very least a week or two, so don’t forget that delivery is always an option to ensure that more restaurants hopefully remain in the black. Be a little forgiving though, they might need a bit more time to get back into the swing of things.

Bookmark this list and check back regularly: We’ll be updating it as more restaurants reopen, some with new menus and initiatives. After all, a fine-dining meal isn’t really the same without the liveries, service and ambience requisite of these establishments.


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