Plant-forward takeaway delivery featured

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world closing airports, workplaces and hospitality, many things have been put on the backburner. That might include your resolution to stick to a diet – particularly a plant-based one. Thankfully, there are restaurants that might be able to help you stick to your resolutions with their plant-forward menu, for delivery and takeaway.

We’ll be reaching halfway into 2020 very soon, and any resolutions made so eagerly last year might have already been postponed to 2021 (or indefinitely). Especially since we’ve got to get everything for takeaway or delivery, the allure of a burger might just be calling stronger than ever – though thankfully, there are vegan and plant-based options available.

But just remember that plant-based diets don’t have to be drastic. Making permanent lifestyle choices like incorporating more greens into meals, rather than eliminating or substituting meat forever, are easier to adhere to than going full cold-turkey on your favourite steaks.

After all, a balanced meal is all about that – balance. There’s no use in thinking that adding some vegetables into your daily regimen means that everything has to be bland or boring. Plant-based food has come a long way since it first became a thing – and in normal times at least, you can always expect to find at least a trendy restaurant or two trying out a plant-based menu. For now though, we’ll have to settle for those that are still serving up the wholesome meals to-go.

Here’s a helpful list of vegetable-forward or plant-based menus from restaurants that have been championing this lifestyle, and are continuing to help us stick with it even through the Covid-19 pandemic.


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