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Premium hostess gifts for Chinese New Year

Impress with these exclusive food items that make perfect gifts.

  • Shangri-la Double Eight artisanal bak kwa

    Eighty Eight Artisanal barbecued Pork

    Made in collaboration with the guys behind the elusive Empire Artisans bak kwa, Shangri-la’s Double Eight artisanal barbecued pork is a step up from most commercial brands’. To make this bak kwa, flavourful meat from the pork shoulder is marinated according to a century-old recipe, then slow-grilled over the low heat of hardwood charcoal to suffuse the meat with a smoky aroma. Each slice of the treat is also uncommonly thin – something that’s rarely produced by many bak kwa makers because it results in more breakage – to allow the fat from the meat to render more evenly, producing a consistently tender product. Only 3,000 boxes are available.

    For enquiries and orders, contact 6213-4377 or e-mail shophouse.sls@


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