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Premium groceries, delivered right to your doorstep

Premium meats, artisanal cheeses and organic produce from grocers that’ll deliver these fine ingredients direct to your home.

In trying times, restaurants have stepped up to deliver ready-cooked meals straight to your home. And though the restaurant industry is in dire need of our support, so do grocers: these shops deliver premium-quality ingredients, fresh and ready for cooking or consumption, straight to your home. Perfect for the current stay-at-home measures amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Grounded flights and increased freight charges are putting stress on these purveyors of fine, artisanal ingredients who care about what they’re providing: so they could use a little of our support right now.

And hey, there’s something to be said about the comfort of a home-cooked meal during stressful times – and these are the premium ingredients you’ll need to whip up those delightful meals, courtesy of home delivery.

  • Classic Delu Caviar Coffret Parie

    Classic Deli

    Gourmands take note: one of Singapore's largest distributors of gourmet produce, Classic Fine Foods, has entered the consumer market with their online grocery store Classic Deli. That means you're getting all the good stuff that restaurants have been using for almost two decades — from caviar and foie gras, to carabinero prawns and gorgeous vegetables. Meats are also a highlight here – with everything from wagyu to whole rabbits, and the Mieral chickens so beloved by local fine-dining spots. No confidence in the kitchen? They also stock a range of ready-made sauces, cold cuts and cured meat, cheese, and frozen pastries that just require reheating. Next-day delivery available with orders made before 4.30pm.


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