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Premium subscription services to serve your every need

These premium subscription services get you more of what you love hassle-free and curated by the experts – be it cosmetics, cheese or coffee.

Subscription services are in vogue now. Touted as the solution to the busy, yet savvy, career man or woman who appreciates fine vino and everything else, subscription services offer a curated list of their premium products periodically to satisfy any recurrent cravings you’re having, while giving you the chance to experience something novel every so often.

They’re not only a great way to ensure a constant supply of your favourite sake delivered to your doorstep. Often, these subscription services throw in a sample of the flavour du jour – so you might just discover something new. Think the ever-trendy bubble milk tea given the gelato treatment.

If you’re just looking to cook for a single meal or so, many restaurants have pivoted to explore that during the circuit breaker period. You might even want to get those for now to support local F & B through this difficult time. Else, these premium subscription services offer tailored solutions for stress-free variety: all the good, without the guesswork.

Meal kits and fresh ingredients

Buying a whole bunch of thyme for a recipe that calls for one sprig can be infuriating. We know – these meal kits dole out exact portions, including herbs, so the largely-unused bag of thyme doesn’t go off in the fridge waiting to be used. For seasoned gourmands, these ingredient subscriptions give you the best of what’s in season for you to work with.

  • Premium subscription Avo & Co

    Avo & Co

    Started by brothers Clement and Cedric Chew in 2016, Avo & Co uses the duo’s time in the fresh produce industry to bring fresh, great ingredients sourced locally or overseas. That includes premium beef and lamb from New Zealand, vegetables and fruits from local farms and artisanal cheeses sourced from the likes of local specialty cheese shops The Cheese Artisan and The Cheese Ark. The brothers also offer some customisability to the subscription packages you get from them, so you can stock your fridge with more of what you love.

Drinks and drink

Whether you’re a coffee or tea drinker, we’ve got the service for you. If you’d like to start the morning with a glass of red, that’s fine too.

  • Premium subscription Sakemaru


    Sakemaru's team of curators scour Japan for artisanal, rare bottles of sake that you’d be hard-pressed to find any other way. Every delivery comes with tasting notes to develop and expand your palate as you taste your way through some of the archipelago’s best-kept secrets. Once you’ve found a bottle you like, Sakemaru also delivers bottles individually so you can keep drinking what you love best: seasonally-limited and small-owner brewed sake.


Everything else that’s working taking a look at.

  • Premium subscription The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

    The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

    What started out as a sweet snack you could only get at a farmer’s market in 2012 has turned into a fully-fledged ice cream retailer available at most local supermarkets and grocers. Founder Natasha Chiam’s continued commitment to wholesome, fresh ingredients shows in her signature ice cream sandwiches and ever-growing catalogue of flavours, including local favourites like chendol, as well as trendier options like avocado smoothie and acai berry. Their Pint Society collection delivers two pints of an experimental flavour available only for that month - which we’d probably get, along with a healthy dose of their flagship ice cream sandwiches.

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