What is the strangest eatery you’ve visited in the course of hosting two seasons of World’s Weirdest Restaurants?
Modern Toilet in Taiwan. The food, mainly consisting of curry and soft-serve ice cream, is served in miniature porcelain toilet bowls. The drinks come in a miniature bedpan, and you sit on toilets to eat.

You also host the latest season of Glutton for Punishment, during which you broke six food-related Guinness World Records. Which are you proudest of?
It has to be “Fastest Time to Peel 50 Pounds of Onions”. I trained for four days and took 2 minutes 39 seconds to complete this, breaking the previous record of 3 minutes 18 seconds that stood for 35 years.

Bob Blumer at Modern Toilet, Taiwan.
Bob Blumer at Modern Toilet, Taiwan. Photo credit: World’s Weirdest Restaurants

Your first cookbook, The Surreal Gourmet, shares the same name as a show you host. What has the cultural movement to do with your brand of gastronomy?
The Surreal Gourmet cookbook is illustrated with my drawings inspired by surrealist artists Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali. After it was published, a reviewer took me to task for not having any “surreal” food in the book, which I thought was a great idea and decided to pursue – think food made from recognisable ingredients that are presented in a different way. For instance, a lamb cupcake where mashed potato is piped atop a base of lamb shank mixed with spices. It later went on to inspire the TV show of the same name.

What do you do as an ambassador for food rescue programme Second Harvest in Toronto?
It is shameful to see food getting thrown out by restaurants, food manufacturing plants and grocery stores. Second Harvest redistributes the donated, unsold food to social service agencies and, as an ambassador, I do whatever I can to help. For example, I once put up a dinner cooked by me in my home for auction.

What can we expect from you next?
When I am at home, I enjoy cycling every day in Hollywood Hills. I hope to eat and bike my way across North America – it is a show I have pitched but I’ve not found anyone to let me do it yet.

Bob Blumer’s World’s Weirdest Restaurants Season 2 airs on TLC.