Remote Travel Packages Featured

The novel coronavirus outbreak, now named COVID-19, has hit the global travel industry hard. Airlines, hospitality and holiday operators are struggling amid the efforts to contain the virus. It doesn’t mean you should stop travelling altogether: you just have to travel smarter. Think off-beat adventures, remote travel packages and hidden sanctuaries far from the crowds.

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However, remember to exercise the necessary precautions and act responsibly. While we should avoid heavily affected areas (click here for the Ministry of Health’s travel advisory), it’s a great time to visit places you wouldn’t normally – supporting local industry and helping businesses through the difficult time.

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Moreover, over-touristed hotspots like Amsterdam, Venice and Prague will get to recover, and who knows? These remote travel packages will give you more time with what matters most: a tranquil holiday with an unfettered opportunity to soak in the sights and sounds of your holiday destination. As a bonus, there won’t even be a queue to take a selfie with your significant other.

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