[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]un Lik has been supplying products to some of our top pastry chefs and baking enthusiasts for over 30 years. The shop with old-school floor tiles and metal shelves may not look fancy, but it is a treasure trove that is worth exploring.

Peter Wong, who started the business in Seah Street in 1985, has been in the wholesale and export business since his early 30s. He started out by helping out at his father’s shop, the now-defunct Sin Lit, in Middle Road.

Wong shares that Sun Lik started out as a provision shop. Over the years, the business has refi ned its inventory and gone into specialising in baking supplies. The quality and variety of its products have garnered the store the support of many customers.

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Besides a range of bakeware, fillings and pastes, the shop carries an extensive variety of exquisite chocolates. The most popular chocolate items here are the Callebaut and Valrhona baking chocolates. As Sun Lik is a distributor of Valrhona in Singapore, the shelves are well-stocked with everything from the milky and delicate Opalys 33 per cent white chocolate to elegant and bittersweet Guanaja 70 per cent dark chocolate.

Besides offering the latest baking and cake decoration supplies, Wong also stocks traditional items such as kueh pie tee, love letter and kueh tutu moulds. “Throughout the year, we also bring in special items for festivals and celebrations,” he says.

“Lotus seed paste from Hong Kong is due to arrive in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and, come Christmas, we will be stocking Christmas decorations and our in-house candied mixed fruits, which is perfect for fruit cake.”

Should you have something in mind that you do not see on the shelves, check with the friendly staff and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Sun Lik Trading, 33 Seah Street. Tel: 6338-0980


Sun Lik Trading offers all manner of baking supplies and tools to chefs and novices.