[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]wiss Butchery has undergone a complete overhaul, managing to match a casual, homey vibe with fancy new oyster and caviar bars and a statement Criocabin dry ageing cabinet.

Colourful mounds of seasonal heirloom produce, stacks of luscious regional cheeses, crates of craft beers, ciders and New World wines, and a full range of fat-, sugar- and gluten-free confections and snacks jostle for attention, but it’s the meat and seafood range that is highly appealing.

Quality cuts of meat and succulent sausages have been the store’s hallmark for years, and its new curing service — the first in Singapore — is notching things up. Epicures know that aged beef boasts superior texture and depth of flavour; here, one can pick a preferred cut and ageing duration (14, 21 or 28 days), independently or in consultation with trained butchers. Novices should take note that the process necessitates significant loss of weight: 15-35 per cent from moisture loss, another 20 per cent from trimming.

Frisch Seafood, Swiss Butchery’s new line via a tie-up with Far Ocean, offers a vast array of luxe oceanic delicacies (including fresh black cod) that is replenished every Thursday. Frozen items were iced right on board fishing boats, and a significant proportion of the fresh ones are so quickly processed that they are sashimi-grade guaranteed. Add distributary rights for top-notch Russian caviar to the mix and one is lost in a heady glut of possible choices.

Smart shoppers might like to take advantage of the weekly restock to load up their pantries and freezers, enjoy a pristine oyster or two in-store, and order a hunk of top-quality beef dry-aged for later enjoyment.
56 Tanglin Road. Tel: 6235-8080

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