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Lake Geneva, Switzerland (Photo: Luxury Gold)

From stunning snow capped mountains, picturesque lakes and luxurious hotels to unparalleled world class shopping for fine goods ranging from watches to chocolates, Switzerland has plenty to offer the discerning globetrotter.

More than that, in meeting travellers’ increasing desire for authenticity, proximity to nature and mindful luxury, Switzerland has built on its famously low waste lifestyle and love for the outdoors, to pioneer a transformative approach to sustainable travel. In fact, its nationwide “Swisstainable” strategy encourages travellers not to miss out on taking in the country’s breathtaking sights, but to opt for climate-friendly travel options and to immerse and delve deeper into local and regional cultures — so that they may return home with longer-lasting impressions.

With so much to do, the question should be — is it even possible to fit it all into one precious vacation?

Enter Luxury Gold which has an exceptional wealth of local travel expertise and insights, thanks to its 100 year history as a leader in the world of luxury travel. The travel provider, which specialises in intimate small group tours, is known among exacting jetsetters for meticulously taking care of even the smallest detail. 

A personal concierge for your travelling whims

Luxury Gold
At Luxury Gold a travel concierge accompanies you all the way. (Photo: Luxury Gold)

With a personal Travelling Concierge accompanying each group, this ensures that every guest’s journey is perfectly planned and personalised for a trip of a lifetime. The Travelling Concierge also goes the extra mile by getting to know every person in order to fine-tune the tour to cater to different interests, something which can only be achieved due to the small group sizes.

Luxury Gold is also strongly committed to sustainable travel and has taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of the business. E-documents are sent to guests instead of paper documents and guests are provided with elegant, reusable water bottles to eliminate single use plastics. Luxury Gold can also plant a tree in guests’ name if they choose to do so. Additionally, the team is actively working on ways to ensure that transportation choices continue to be as efficient and earth-friendly as possible.

Experience Switzerland in majestic style

Luxury Gold
Lake Lucerne (Photo: Luxury Gold)

So, to experience all that Switzerland has to offer in style — and sustainably, too — do not miss Luxury Gold’s Majestic Switzerland voyage. This indulgent 10-day itinerary covers many of the country’s most awe-inspiring destinations from swanky Saint Moritz to elegant Geneva. Not only does this trip meld stunning natural scenery with the ritziest cultural, historical and dining experiences that Switzerland has to offer, it goes one step further by offering thoughtfully designed exclusive VIP experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

For instance in Lucerne, guests are treated to a rare after-hours private tour of the Rosengart Art Collection, complete with a drinks reception in the presence of priceless masterpieces by the greats including Chagall, Kandinsky, Picasso and Renoir.

The trip is also carefully paced to ensure travellers have sufficient opportunity to soak in the moment without feeling too rushed. This is why destinations are carefully curated and slightly off the beaten track so that they are not too crowded. Selected activities, like the celebration dinner on the first night, are also held in a privately booked venue for a glamorous start to the vacation.

The best of Swiss hospitality

Luxury Gold
Mont Cervin Palace (Photo: Luxury Gold)

Even with such a high bar set for dining out on the first night, Luxury Gold’s exceptional dining experiences continue to surprise and delight. After all, there is no better way to discover a destination than through its cuisine. Gourmands are sure to anticipate their meal at the Michelin-starred La Chaumiere in Geneva while in Zermatt, guests may choose their own dining “adventure” by deciding where they will dine from a hand-picked selection of local gourmet restaurants.

Of course, as any well-heeled traveller knows, the choice of hotel also plays a key role in one’s immersion into a destination. This is why Luxury Gold only selects the most iconic luxury hotels at each stop, so that you can continue to indulge in the heritage of the destination even during your private time. 

Some highlights on the Switzerland itinerary include stays at the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski in Saint Moritz, which is located at the Mauritius spring, the heart of alpine resort town and Mont Cervin Palace in Zermatt where a plethora of gourmet restaurants await discovery. Best of all, tours typically start at about 9am. After all, who likes checking out at the crack of dawn without savouring a hearty hotel breakfast?

A picture-perfect holiday

Luxury Gold
The Glacier Express (Photo: Luxury Gold)

On this journey, travellers will also get to enjoy first class seats on one of the most famed trains in the world, The Glacier Express. This train voyage, which offers panoramic views of its surroundings, travels through some of Switzerland’s most picture-perfect landscapes from dramatic tunnels to breathtaking ravines and viaducts and quaint chalet-dotted villages. (Psst! For tips on capturing the most jaw dropping photographs, check out these hacks by a Travelling Concierge.)

During this seven and a half hour journey which spans 170 miles between Saint Moritz and Zermatt, the Glacier Express will traverse 300 bridges and pass through 91 tunnels, so sit back and savour this day of slow travel. As they say, it is not the destination but the journey that counts. 

Embark on a Switzerland holiday unlike any other with Luxury Gold. Find out more here.

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