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Teas to gift this Mid-Autumn Festival

Cut through, or complement all those rich mooncakes this season with these lifting teas.

If you’re a stickler for both quality and design like us, it’ll be tough to decide which mooncakes to purchase for the tradition of gift-giving this Mid-Autumn Festival. You could, of course, make your decision based on luxurious packaging or even adorably whimsical designs, or you could take the safe route and gift something else entirely — like tea.

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Tea is often the understated accompaniment to the ritual of enjoying mooncakes, but a valued one nonetheless. Quietly fragrant, the right tea will balance out the sticky-sweet flavour and texture of mooncakes, letting you savour each bite with relish.

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  • Ette Tea Mid Autumn Festival

    Ette Tea Company

    You can’t go wrong with the gorgeous tins and wide array of flavours that Ette Tea Company offers. If you’re looking for something local, the Singapore Taste range is ideal — it’s got flavours like Orh Nee, Seri Kaya, and Pandan Chiffon. For the adventurous, there’s also savoury ones like Nasi Lemak, Bak Kwa, and even Chicken Rice. Our personal favourite? The Kebaya Blue, for its beautiful SIA-uniform-inspired packaging design.

    Samplers start from $9, and caddies from $28. Use code LIBAI for 15% off.

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