Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck will be returning to London come September 29th, nine months after the chef, his entire staff, and even the cutlery were relocated to Melbourne, Australia – halfway across the globe.

The flagship premises in Bray, Berkshire, underwent an extensive refurbishment in that time, and now sports an spanking new kitchen and facelifts to the dining area.  Fresh too are a reworked menu, which sees some classics being retired into a “Hall of Fame” (we read “benched”), and an online ticketing system, which essentially means reservations are paid for up front.

Guests can expect a renewed focus on experiential dining, where even the tableware and cutlery aid in bringing Blumenthal’s “childhood holiday memory” to the table. From the chef himself: “(It’ll be) full of adventure, curiosity, discovery and playfulness that spans a day, from morning to night, breakfast to dreaming and in between… these elements will act as a catalyst to  bring your own memories to life.”

Booking has been reopened, so if you’re buzzing by London in the next few months, try your luck at The Fat Duck’s website, and be snappy about it; the waitlist is going to be months-long before we know it.

Article Cover: Official The Fat Duck Website, depicting a map representing a perfect, nostalgic day from Blumenthal’s childhood. The new menu will take the form of this map.