The Meat Club

Meat-lovers take note, you definitely want to be a member of The Meat Club. The recently launched online store offers fresh, restaurant-quality Australian beef and lamb, delivered to your doorstep.

The Meat Club was founded by a group of Australians who are passionate about eating well and bringing the very best produce to Singapore. The club is headed by CEO David Beattie, who grew up living and working on a sheep farm in Western Queensland.

Drawing on his first-hand knowledge as a farmer, Beattie also brings years of supply chain and logistics management experience to The Meat Club, having worked for 10 years as a project manager with multinational engineering consultancy Jacobs and global miner Rio Tinto.

The Meat Club’s spokesman Amy Bell says that the business was started after Mr Beattie was frustrated by the lack of good-quality beef and lamb in Singapore. “We believe that restaurant-quality red meat should be available to everyone and that it should not be a luxury to be enjoyed by just a few,” notes Bell.

For now, The Meat Club only supplies meat to residents in Singapore, but there are plans to expand the service to other parts of South-east Asia. The club currently has about 200 members.

The Meat Club offers six prepacked sets of meats to choose from, such as the Lone Pack, which has 1kg lean mince, 1kg porterhouse, 1kg rib eye and 1kg lamb chop to cater to the single, protein-loving executive. There are also just beef and lamb packs and even one for barbecues, that has 1kg porterhouse, 1kg rib eye, 1.4kg butterflied lamb and 1kg lamb chop. There is also the option for you to build your own pack, selecting the cuts and quantity of meats.

Regardless of the pack type, The Meat Club offers members two options: either single purchase or the Autopilot monthly delivery service. Prices vary according to the purchase type. For example, a single purchase of the Lone Pack costs $192.50, but on the Autopilot option the price goes down to $173.20 per month.

“The AutoPilot is more popular, because of its flexibility and ongoing savings, about 10 per cent less compared to a single purchase,” says Bell. The monthly subscription service is not a locked-in contract and customers can modify, delay or cancel their order at any time. “It just takes away the hassle of having to order meat online time and time again. In other words, we do all the hard yards for you,” explains Ms Bell.

She adds that the option to build your pack is The Meat Club’s most popular feature, as everyone has different needs. “The meat delivered on AutoPilot has up to 28 days shelf life in your fridge, and up to 14 days for mince meat, meaning it doesn’t need to be frozen unless it is not consumed within that time,” she points out. Single purchases can be delivered the next day.

The beef comes from Inverell, New South Wales while the lamb is from Warrnambool, Victoria. “We source our products from a number of local partner farms,” says Bell. All the meat is graded by Meats Standard Australia, developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef and sheep meat. The system is based on almost 700,000 consumer taste tests by over 100,000 consumers from nine countries and takes into account all factors that affect eating quality from the paddock to the plate.

The meat is vacuumed-packed in meal-sized portions and is home-delivered chilled in a styrofoam box.

To give home chefs cooking inspiration, The Meat Club also worked with local expat chef Terri-Anne Leske, from Carrotsticks and Cravings on recipes.

While some may still prefer to head to the butchers or supermarkets to buy their meats, Bell adds: “Our product is fresh, and never frozen. It is cut and packed on the processors’ floor, meaning no one else touches your meat. It is then air-freighted into Singapore and delivered to our members. You can’t get meat any fresher. It is as if you are living on the farm.”

Adapted from The Business Times.