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Tiong Bahru satay man serves old-school Hainanese satay for one-night only at Moosehead

For a taste of authentic local satay by the elusive Tiong Bahru satay hawker, head to Moosehead at Telok Ayer Street on April 7.

Those who live in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood would be familiar with the old satay street peddler who used to go around the estate selling freshly made pork skewers.

Since 1976, Ah Pui has been known for grilling old-school Hainanese satay on his push-cart in the Tiong Bahru vicinity. In recent years, he was often fined for selling food on the streets. The fines eventually became too hefty for him to continue his business in this manner – and with that, his delicious satay also disappeared from the scene. Ah Pui now only prepares his homemade satay – using a portable grill – for private home parties.

However, for one night only, on 7 April (from 10pm on a first come, first serve basis), you will be able to savour the Ah Pui’s famous satay at Moosehead’s latest Supper Series instalment.

The platter for two features chargrilled pork satay served with homemade spicy peanut gravy, perked up with tangy-sweet hand-grated pineapple. This will be served alongside Moosehead’s Mediterranean-inspired Inka-roasted lamb skewers and Inka-roasted cauliflower. Priced at $24 with add-ons, this platter is available only during this special evening.

To savour satay prepared by this “urban legend”, make your way to Moosehead at: 110 Telok Ayer Street. Tel: 6636 8055.