A Malay church, Singapore’s only Kosher restaurant, a pre-occupation Japanese school turned arts center; all features of Singapore’s past and present landscape that may have escaped your notice.  It begs the question; how well do you really know Singapore?  Since borders are closed and leisure travel ill-advised, why not discover what lies just beneath the surface of the seemingly well-known streets of the place you call home?

Enter Trafalgar’s “Arts and Cultural Gems” trail, which explores the various vibrant stories of two cultural enclaves around Waterloo street and Tiong Bahru.  Unlike many staycation promotions occurring during the pandemic season, Trafalgar is focused on providing a daycation package.  Singaporeans are encouraged to take a break from work and experience the joys of travel again except in one’s own country.

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Day tours feature a morning portion until lunch, touring the Bras Basah-Bugis area, as well as an afternoon to evening portion at the charming Tiong Bahru residential estate.  While the Tiong Bahru section is the same for both tours, the Bras Basah-Bugis area offers two different themes.

The first is “Crossroads Alive!”, a walking tour in collaboration with The Theatre Practice, Singapore’s longest-standing bilingual theatre institution.  Discover Waterloo street’s intriguing arts and cultural history, where there are many stories hidden beneath the veneer of buildings you may very well recognise.

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“Tapestries of the heart” is organized in partnership with Singapore Council of Women’s Organisaton (SCWO) and Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame (SCWF).  This tour will feature the great women who contributed to the history of Singapore, and the landmarks that are intertwined with their stories.

Both tours end in lunch at Practice Tuckshop and Awafi Restaurant respectively, ensuring tummies are filled before the next leg of the tour.

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After an informative stroll through the oldest public housing estate in Singapore, the Tiong Bahru estate, the tour will feature a ‘Be My Guest’ experience with Chef Asai at Bincho @ Hua Bee.  The establishment is a dual concept restaurant which features 70-year old mee-pok stall by day, and an immersive dining experience by night.

The well thought-out tour is genuine and potentially quite fulfilling to anyone who enjoys history and good eats alike.  For more information, peruse their website.