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We’ve got something else to look forward to once travelling is back on. Capella Hotel and Resorts’ Capella Ubud is officially the best hotel in the world, according to Travel and Leisure 2020 World’s Best Awards.

The World’s Best Awards are a result of votes from Travel and Leisure readers, based on a few parameters: namely, rooms, facilities, location, service, food and value.

Capella Ubud world's best travel and leisure 2020

Designed by renowned architect Bill Bensley, Capella Ubud’s mystical setting grants the luxury hoteliers a fair bit of play: after all, a key part of their brand apart from luxury furnishings and designs, personalised service and extreme attention to detail is its dedication to the local culture.

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In order to bring that bespoke, local experience to guests, Capella Culturists take pains to scour the heritage and traditions of each destination, curating a set of activities to best immerse guests into the local culture. That makes a holiday not just a luxe getaway, but a glimpse into another part of the world: which really, is what makes a stay at Capella’s properties so memorable.

Capella Ubud world's best travel and leisure 2020 1

It stands to reason that a stay at Capela Ubud – surrounded by acres of rice paddies, ancient shrines and dense forest tucked away in Ubud’s Keliki Valley – provides guests a seat in the lap of luxury, while evoking feelings of old-world adventure. It’s hard not to marvel as you’ve got to cross a suspension bridge over the River Wos to get your tented accommodation, which is just as luxuriantly finished as any boutique hotel in the city centre.

Says CEO of Capella Hotel Group Nick Clayton, “The award pays tribute to the passion and care our colleagues at Capella Ubud
demonstrate at the resort on a daily basis. Their dedication to providing the highest levels of personalised service is a true embodiment of the Capella spirit.”

He adds, “As we expand our global footprint, the group will press ahead in raising our service standards to craft the perfect stay for each guest across the portfolio of properties.”

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The brand, however, narrowly missed out on top place as best hotel brand in the world. Very narrowly actually: boutique brand The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts scored 96.82, edging out Capella Hotel and Resorts by 0.46 points.

For those wondering, Capella Singapore – the brand’s flagship hotel – was named as the second-best hotel in Singapore, losing out to Raffles Singapore. And since staycations are back on in Singapore, you can feel free to head down for a little royal treatment. In line with the new SG Clean seal of approval, your siesta at your favourite luxury hotel will be just as safe as your home.

What’s next, then, for Capella Hotel and Resorts – especially in a peri-Covid-19 world? Clayton says, “We are committed to maintaining the craft of hospitality by placing the utmost importance in evolving the guest experience at Capella Hotels & Resorts.”

“Moving forward, responsible tourism will be in-demand and ethical brands that can nurture an enriching engagement will be successful. Hotels that can offer privacy and seclusion will also be in demand – we are fortunate that many of our Capella Hotel Group properties, are designed to do just that.”

For a trip to the world’s best Capella Ubud, however, you might have to wait a little longer. Bali itself will be reopening in September, but it remains uncertain when leisure travel will be back on the menu for real.