Tippling Club’s revamped five and ten-course menus showcase chef-owner Ryan Clift’s knack for experimentation. With the creative input of new assistant head chef Ayo Adeyemi, who hails from England and joined the European restaurant last year, chef Ryan assembles surprising ingredients (google: cockscomb) into his take on modern gastronomy.

For chef Ayo, playing a key part in conceptualising and bringing the new dishes to life is all part of growing his abilities and career. Of the numerous new courses, he is most fond of the wild turbot for “its flavour profile, and the way the dish embodies Tippling Club’s ethos on creativity”.

Chef Ryan’s love for local flavours is cleverly translated in the crab course: a reinvention of the famous chili crab, which is his favourite dish in Singapore. And perhaps most innovative is the foie gras, not pan-seared as is the common preparation, but piped and served as cream atop a spiced gaufrette: a nutty, savoury, and all-round satisfying combination.

Opt for the pairings, with a thoughtful selection of handcrafted cocktails and wines to perfectly complement each course. And if you’re not up for too much alcohol on a worknight, at least take a sniff through the Sensorium cocktail menu – leather and campfire are sure to delight.

Diners should show up for lunch or dinner expecting the unexpected, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at what’s new.

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