Our heartiest congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio, for finally breaking his Oscar curse. While Leo celebrated his Best Actor win in style, another kind of Oscars was taking place across the world in Bangkok, Thailand – San Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The fourth edition of the annual award ceremony took place in W Bangkok, The House on Sathorn last night (29 Feb).

Singapore came away with a total of 10 restaurant awards, while holding on to the title of Best Pastry Chef (Asia) – awarded to Cheryl Koh from the Les Amis Group this year.

(Related: The Peak was hot on the heels of Tarte by Cheryl Koh before it even had a name.)

Here, we shine the spotlight on our local restaurants that made it to the list:

  • New entrants Corner House and Wild Rocket came in strong with the former landing a prime spot at #17, and Wild Rocket taking #38.
  • Fine-dining stalwart Iggy’s cinched #36, while Tippling Club climbed 5 spots from last year to come in at #31.
  • With young chef Kirk Westaway taking the helm at JAAN, many were wondering how it would fare under new leadership. JAAN took #29, not bad at all, with much room to grow.
  • Popular mod Australian BBQ joint Burnt Ends made an impressive 16-place leap, going from #30 last year to #14 this year. Meanwhile, Les Amis quietly inched up one precious rank to #12.
  • Leading the charge into the top 10 spots was Waku Ghin, moving up 3 spots to perch at #6 this year.
  • Restaurant Andre remains Singapore’s restaurant to beat, coming in at #3 this year. Chef Andre Chiang also snagged a place on the list with his new restaurant RAW in Taipei (#46).

Progressive Indian restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok was also crowned Best Restaurant in Asia for the second consecutive year. Asia’s 50 Best is an offshoot of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, published by William Reed Media Group. The World’s 50 Best list is slated for release in June.

The complete list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016 

1: GAGGAN: Bangkok, Thailand
2: NARISAWA, Tokyo, Japan
4: AMBER, Hong Kong, China
6: WAKU GHIN, Singapore
8: NAHM, Bangkok, Thailand
9: INDIAN ACCENT, New Delhi, India
10: LUNG KING HEEN, Hong Kong, China
11: HAJIME, Osaka, Japan
12: LES AMIS, Singapore
13: 8 1/2 OTTO E MEZZO BOMBANA, Hong Kong, China
14: BURNT ENDS,Singapore
15: MINGLES, Seoul, South Korea
16: L’EFFERVESCENCE, Tokyo, Japan
17: CORNER HOUSE, Singapore
18: FU HE HUI, Shanghai, China
19: ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB, Bangkok, Thailand
20: QUINTESSENCE:Tokyo, Japan
22: JUNGSIK, Seoul, South Korea
23: EAT ME, Bangkok, Thailand
24: TAKAZAWA, Tokyo, Japan
25: MINISTRY OF CRAB, Colombo, Sri Lanka
26: SUSHI SAITO, Tokyo, Japan
27: THE CHAIRMAN, Hong Kong, China
28: MR AND MRS BUND, Shanghai, China
29: JAAN, Singapore
30 LE MOÛT, Taichung, Taiwan
31 (tied): LA MAISON DE LA NATURE GOH, Fukuoka, Japan
31 (tied): TIPPLING CLUB, Singapore
33: TENKU RYUGIN, Hong Kong, China
34: FOOK LAM MOON, Hong Kong, China
35: ROBUCHON AU DÔME, Macau, China
36: IGGY’S, Singapore
37: DEN, Tokyo, Japan
38: WILD ROCKET, Singapore,
39: GALLERY VASK, Manila, Philippines
41:BO INNOVATION, Hong Kong, China
42: KIKUNOI, Kyoto, Japan
43: CUISINE WAT DAMNAK, Siem Reap, Cambodia
44: WASABI BY MORIMOTO, Mumbai, India
45: BUKHARA, New Delhi, India
46: RAW, Taipei, Taiwan
47: NIHONBASHI, Colombo, Sri Lanka
48: TA VIE, Hong Kong, China
49: LOCAVORE, Bali, Indonesia
50: LA YEON, Seoul, South Korea