High-definition Featured

We’re coming into a week of circuit breaker measures and unfortunately, outdoor amenities are a little crowded. Beaches and stadiums are now closed – so use this to ensure that your evening stroll is safe and socially responsible. Here’s another option: a virtual outdoor experience complete with high-definition sights and sounds.

These virtual experiences might not be exactly the real thing. But it might be just enough to give you some inspiration for the best outdoor sights out there for when the Covid-19 outbreak is all over.

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A bird’s eye view of New South Wales

Take New South Wales in Australia for example. A land of pristine beauty, quaint towns and a myriad of vibrant wildlife (and famed for its dry Hunter’s Valley Semillon), we’ve compiled some of the best sights the region has to offer, courtesy of Destination NSW.

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Aerial shots are one of the best ways to capture the breath-taking beauty of verdant pastures, expansive snow-scapes and massive waterfalls. If you prefer a video, click here.

Apart from those high-definition outdoor aerials, you can go for virtual tours of some of New South Wales’ zoos (complete with crocodile feeding, koala napping and the ever-happy quokka) and gardens. They’ve even created virtual experiences suited for a younger audience – especially useful since you’re stuck working-from-home with them.

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Other virtual experiences

To explore the rest of the world (virtually), these other virtual experiences range from UNESCO world heritage sites and big safari game drives, to dizzying views atop mountain ranges that’ll promise to get your palms sweaty from the safety of your couch.