[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s diners, we are privy only to the iceberg tip that is a restaurant’s front of house, during meal times. The amount of diligence, preparation, training, unearthly working hours and ultimately pride constituting the final product is rarely the topic of conversation.

That’s why the G Restaurant Awards platform spends months trawling through several dozen restaurants incognito – searching for establishments that uphold a fierce ethos in their culinary work. We go beyond simply identifying pretty plates and flagrant use of fancy ingredients. We find restaurants with heart that pour their soul into their work. We chat with front-of-house staff,  and the chef de cuisine’s right-hand men and women.



The recognition we accord these class acts once a year means more than endorsement to the leaders of the winning outfits – they’re a validation and “thank you” of a year of hard work, enduring vision and conquered trials. To all in the foodservice industry, here’s to another year of great food and fond memories.

Restaurant Awards Winner
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