Wellness Sabbatical NAVA India

Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

Check in for a 30 to 60  day ‘Lifestyle Change Program’ that includes accommodation, healthy meals, treatments, and counselling. The three-phase programme starts with a ‘cleanse’ of body toxins, followed by a ‘transformation’ to make you stronger through mind and body sessions such as yoga, stress management and lifestyle coaching. The last phase is all about celebrating the new you and features more pampering with symbolic releasing therapies and a monk blessing session.


SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

The 28-day ‘Life Reset’ at this high-end holistic medical retreat is not about relaxation but specifically designed for those seeking a lifestyle change.  While you do follow an agenda: nutritional meals, yoga and fitness, treatments and therapies, you are encouraged to create new lifestyle habits that will last forever. The additional benefit is that Sha’s cutting edge medical support, will work for those who suffer more chronic health and medical issues.

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Kamalaya, Thailand

This newly launched ’21-day Wellbeing Sabbatical’ includes healthy meals, yoga, fitness and treatments. However, unlike other programs at Kamalaya that include at least two treatments a day, this will be a much less regimented retreat so guests have much more downtime for self-reflection, work and personal growth.


Amatara, Phuket

Regarded for their unique ‘Sleep Retreats’, ‘Stress and Burnout Recovery’ and ‘Family Wellness Program,’ what’s new at this luxury island, all-inclusive wellness resort is the ‘30-day Bespoke Wellness’ program. Tailored to people who need a 360-degree overhaul in their personal and professional life, it’s a holistic naturopathic-based retreat consisting of personally prescribed nutrition, supportive naturopathic remedies, treatments, yoga and activities. Programmes are customised to even handle complex and specific health issues.  Another advantage is that it’s familyfriendly so you can bring the kids.


Oneworld Ayuverda, Bali

Oneworld Ayurveda, Bali

Before he founded Oneworld, Claude Chouinard was a burnt out professional who was advised by his staff to do a 14-day Ayurvedic Panchakarma. After two weeks he was so energised and inspired that he wanted “to bring this to the world” and Oneworld was created a few years later in 2017, offering 21 or 28 day programmes. Some have stayed for as long as 50 nights. When it comes to working during your Panchakarma, the doctors recommend minimal device time especially during the deep detox phase.  Most people emerge from a Panchakarma completely transformed.


Vana, India

Considered one of the most transformational retreat destinations in the world right now, Vana offers a highly– regarded 21-night ‘Lifestyle Retreat’ for deep wellbeing and personal transformation. It’s a 360-degree holistic lifestyle program with attention paid to sleep, stress and any personal concerns. Guests have access to a full spectrum of supportive treatments and healing sessions. But this is no spa holiday. With limited wifi and a ban on all social media, Vana is a recommended destination for those serious about personal transformation.

A version of this article was originally published in The Business Times.

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