Just four months ago, Chan Hon Meng made headlines when his soy braised chicken stall at Chinatown Food Complex was awarded a Michelin star. Now, Chan is making headlines again –  Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle will open an 80-seater air-conditioned restaurant in mid-November at 78 Smith Street.

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The restaurant will be named Hawker Chan, and it will serve the same soya sauce chicken rice and noodles that has earned a loyal following ready to stand in line for 2 hours. Chan also added that the restaurant menu will include new dishes, and he will personally be overseeing and preparing the food for now.

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Prices at the original hawker stall are expected to remain the same. Chan’s wife and family members will help run the restaurant, while Chan himself will shuttle between Hawker Chan and the stall.

“I’m very happy to have found a dream partner to work with. I believe Hersing Culinary shares the same values of being passionate about food, and I look forward to the partnership,” says Chan.

In a phone interview with The Peak last month, Chan had jokingly teased that he would only sell his business for S$2million or more when asked if he was in talks with any big F&B players.  Hersing Culinary, which also owns the franchising rights to Tim Ho Wan in Asia Pacific, has invested S$1million in Hawker Chan Restaurant. Chan will own a 50 per cent stake.

Both partners also have plans for global expansion.