icon ball 2018

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]mid the glitterati who attended Icon magazine’s 13th anniversary gala, three men walked the walk of fame as they took the title of the ball’s “Best Dressed Gentlemen”. Like the 20 women awarded Icon’s Best Dressed who dazzled in their couture gowns, the trio wore monochromatic or shimmery suits to play to the theme of The Future is Here.

To ensure an impeccable fit, Andrew Teo, executive director of subsidiaries at Hiap Hoe group and long time fan of Louis Vuitton flew in the brand’s SS2018 Gaston fit suit for the event. Its designs are trendy, according to the 45-year-old who also stocks his wardrobe with Giorgio Armani’s classic suits. “I like timeless classics,” says Teo. “I prefer blue and black.” And Hermes, too, though here, he admits it’s for the extra reason of clocking mileage for his wife to buy her bags.

To be sure, a partner’s influence is nothing to underplay in a man’s style evolution. Fighter pilot Benjamin Kim, who’s in his 40s, may name Ermenegildo Zegna as his go-to designer for black tie outfits – “the suits are made from the finest fabrics, coupled with flawless hand stitched workmanship and a modern cut” – it’s in Dolce & Gabbana that he nabbed the best dressed honour. Sartorially proud, he nevertheless credits his wife for urging him to try a new label.

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Says Kim, whose wife says she can’t tell his 40-plus suits apart: “I have hitherto always preferred a slightly more conservative look but am gradually warming up to the idea of more patterns in a suit, and this is where D&G completely excels in. They make such ornate clothing and it’s starting to rub off on me.”

The third winner Kimihisa Abe also rocked in Dolce & Gabbana, but here’s a man who relishes flamboyance – his suit is head-to-toe floral sparkle. The 49-year-old investor names Kim Jones, who brought street style to Louis Vuitton, as his style influence, along with Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who subverts expectations “in a good way” and Karl Lagerfeld – “no need to explain”.

Abe says his style philosophy is to embrace the new: “That’s how men can enjoy fashion!” And consistently be recognised as one of the city’s best dressed men, to boot.