Alan Eucharis Choo, CEO and founder of Wonder Paradise.

Alan Eucharis Choo admits he was a mess when he first started out in the industry as a personal assistant (PA) to entertainment mogul Dick Lee. “The journey hasn’t been easy. I couldn’t even do the simplest things, like creating a guest list,” Choo says.

But he knuckled down and worked hard. Along the way, he also met different people who inspired and encouraged him. Finally, in March 2019, armed with a wealth of knowledge that he garnered in the entertainment field, Choo started Wonder Paradise.

“I initially wanted to call it BFF (Best Friends Forever) Asia, but my mentors didn’t approve of it,” Choo laughs. Instead, he named it after his proudest project at that time – the local movie and music video with the same name that he had worked on.

Starting out as a digital media agency, it branched out to content and event production when opportunities came knocking, thanks to the connections Choo had made in the years he worked as a PA.

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Two years on, Wonder Paradise has offices in Singapore, Manila and Malaysia. Its biggest project is the annual Asian Television Awards; the agency is the owner of the licence and has been producing it since 2018. It just wrapped up the 2021 edition in December.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Choo had to shut down the Cambodian office because of the pandemic. The jobs slowly dried up and while he tried to keep it afloat, it proved untenable.

“It was a painful lesson,” says Choo. “But it taught me a lot. I learned to stay grounded, being patient and focusing on what I was good at.”

That failure hasn’t curtailed his ambition, though. Choo is working on another project. It’s a new media technology app called Ding Dong Meta, and he’s currently at the fund-raising stage. He believes that this will revolutionise the media industry for content and live events and will “share more at the right time”.

Three years is a short time in business, but Choo has definitely come a long way from his initial start as a messy personal assistant. “There’s always something that I will always fail at, which also means that I have room for improvement. My goal is to work harder and keep on learning,” he says.

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