For a man whose core business is distributing Lamborghini, Lotus and Alfa Romeo cars, stands to reason that his timepieces have the same flash factor. Melvin Goh, managing director of Eurosports Auto Group, counts Hublot and Richard Mille among his favourite brands for their sporty, unusual designs. And, thanks to his continued interest in being distinctive, he decided that it would be logical to bring another player to the field: Delacour.

“There are people who want to be different and don’t want to get Rolex or Franck Muller watches because everyone knows those brands. My customers want people to look at their watches and ask them what it is,” explains Goh. After all, he had a similar reaction when he first came across Delacour in Geneva. “The brand was already being distributed by another company in Singapore, but I told it we could do a better job. We ordered 199 pieces to start with and, after subsequent discussions, we are now representing it in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.”

Goh understands that his biggest hurdle right now is marketing the brand. “Even after being around for 10 years, not many people know this name, and it’ll take a while for people to learn about it.” Still, he remains optimistic because one of Delacour’s strengths is customisation. “I designed a watch for my daughter’s 21st birthday, with a “J” placed where the “12” numeral should have been. And you can really put everything from your surname to your horoscope and decorate it with diamonds. Not all watchmakers offer this service and those that do will charge an arm and a leg. Delacour’s cheapest pieces start at just $20,000.” He has even partnered Delacour to create limited-edition pieces for the GT3 Asia races, with different designs for the various cities in which the races are held.

He also sniffs at people who would question Delacour watches’ resale value. “Let’s say you bought a $50,000 watch and sold it at 50 per cent off , you’ve lost $25,000. If that’s a big deal to you, then, I’m sorry, but you’re not in our league.”