“I fail all the time. You never learn from your successes. You only learn from your failures,” GS Sareen remarks when I ask him about the last time he fell short of the mark. The founder and CEO of tyre manufacturer Omni United enjoys philosophy, and once attempted to write a book on the subject, but was never able to finish it because he would read what he wrote and trash it because it was “trite”.

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Sareen approaches business the same way. For him, every crisis is an opportunity. In the wake of the pandemic, he researched all aspects of his company including employees, processes, manufacturing and the supply chain, and made necessary adjustments. Despite the crisis, Omni United grew. “I’m a military guy. We were taught to think on our feet, and I’ve brought that mentality to my business,” Sareen says.

His approach to sustainability is something he’s proud of. In 2013, Omni United’s flagship brand Radar Tyres achieved carbon neutrality at manufacture. Sareen wants to push it even further. From distribution to usage and disposal, Radar Tyres aims to achieve carbon neutrality. He admits it’s a complex process because there are so many factors that contribute to carbon calculations, so he leaves it to Ernst & Young to quantify everything.

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“With our strategy, we are working towards offsetting the carbon emitted by planting 53 trees for every set of Radar tyres purchased. We cannot transform the world alone, but we want to demonstrate that anyone can make a difference if a company like ours can invest the time, effort and resources to do so,” Sareen says.

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