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Father’s Day: These Singapore father-daughter duos talk love, respect and the importance of time

Heartwarming stories abound, from the lens of the precious father-daughter bond.

  • Dolly, Cheryl and Bernard Cheong
    Dolly Cheong (far left), Cheryl Cheong (second from right) and Bernard Cheong (far right).

    Bernard Cheong, on his two daughters

    What do you enjoy most about being a father?
    There will be just too many reasons, all equally positive. I guess....that having children puts me into a place to give to a human being, to be unselfish, (to expect) no gains and (harbour) no agendas.

    I think that would be the sum of love in the fewest number of words.

    What are the most meaningful gifts they have ever given you?
    Their conversations. I guess that (translates to) time itself.

    What about your daughters makes you the most proud?
    I am very fortunate, I never think about that. They make me happy all the time!

    What are the fondest memories you have of them?
    Almost every moment that I come across photos of them.

    What was the most challenging time for you with them?
    When they were away from our range of help (overseas studies, etc). That happens wherever they may be... But it is a part of freedom. That's a heavy price.