As we emerge from the throes of the pandemic, we emerge with the knowledge that you can’t skimp on the finer things in life, especially when it comes to a place where we spend more than a third of our lives: the bed.

Given the chronic sleep shortage in Singapore – exacerbated by Covid-19 – it stands to reason that our beds deserve as much attention as any other part of the house. And if anyone has an idea on how to pick sheets, it’s Filippo Arnaboldi.

“In recent years, amidst all we have faced whilst adjusting to a new world, the concept of home has undergone one of the most significant evolutions,” says the CEO of 162-year-old luxury bedlinen brand Frette. 

Cheery citrine sheets from the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Photo: Frette

“Working from home, finding new ways to enjoy leisure time at home, teaching from home, learning from home… we have experienced a newfound, universal emphasis being placed on enriching one’s home. There is a strong focus on curating the home, transforming it into a sanctuary,” he adds. 

That means renewed interest in better quality furnishings like chairs, tables, and – of course – bed linen. Frette, for one, opened its first Singapore outlet in Marina Bay Sands last year.

“Younger clients are typically drawn to a more minimalist aesthetic, with an openness to introducing texture and unique materiality to the bed,” says Arnaboldi, referring to an emerging market of younger, well-heeled scions, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

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Crepe white linen. Photo: Frette

Beyond sheets, Frette is also exploring products including refined loungewear and home items (towels and more) as people seek greater comfort at home. At the same time, it’s expanding its bedding offerings, which span light and crisp percale to breathable, super soft linen, and silky, warmer sateen. 

So, how to pick? “Consider the three Fs: fibre, finish and feel,” says Arnaboldi. Top brands always use high quality natural fibre, while finish and feel, respectively, speak to the silkiness of the sheets, and their texture and weight. By ensuring a good combination, one can easily create a bed at home that’s hotel quality and looks elegant.

If you can’t decide, then why not do what Arnaboldi does, and switch it up from time to time? He uses cooling silk accent pieces in warmer weather, and cashmere and suede touches for colder days – but always the same colour: white. “It’s a pared back bedding story for me,” he laughs.

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