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Social media platforms are constantly evolving. How does Truescope adapt and remain relevant? At Truescope, we’re attuned to the ever-changing social media landscape, marked by new algorithms and user behaviours. We vigilantly monitor these shifts since even minor changes can influence data collection. Through collaboration, our tech and data teams navigate these changes to ensure a seamless client experience. A good example of that client-centric approach is our automated podcast monitoring, which was largely driven by client demand. Our agility in this dynamic realm is anchored in a tech-forward approach, deep client engagement, and an unwavering commitment to stay ahead, ensuring our insights are always actionable and relevant.

How does Truescope navigate the line between providing in-depth insights for marketers and respecting individual user privacy?

Through strict regulatory compliance, tailored data management, and expert advice. We rigorously follow media API guidelines, ensuring data is anonymised and untraceable to individuals. Our AI technology further enhances current privacy measures. We also uphold client strategy confidentiality, never repurposing it for others — especially competitors — and offer dedicated cloud security for our clients in sensitive sectors. At the same time, our expert data team provides clients with optimised monitoring strategies, minimising excessive data collection. This focused approach yields relevant insights, balancing clarity with privacy concerns.

What sets Truescope apart in the world of social media analytics monitoring?

Truescope stands out due to our unwavering dedication to innovation. Built from scratch, our platform integrates both traditional and social media across all languages, offering a comprehensive media view. We emphasise a user-friendly interface, enabling clients to access data and generate reports in just a few clicks and merge social metrics with mainstream media. This automatically adds social engagement data to news articles, simplifying cross-channel media analysis.

Our product development is another distinguishing factor. We focus on regular updates and an agile development approach, always aiming to be ahead in the industry. Over the past year, we’ve launched 10+ features and added three media platforms, leading to a 90 per cent client retention rate in three years.

We prioritise integrity in data collection and analysis through accreditation and a commitment
to high ethical standards.

Kelvin Koh, MD at media intelligence platform Truescope, expands on the ethical boundaries he won’t cross when analysing data on social media.
Photo: Clement Goh

Are there ethical boundaries that Truescope won’t cross when it comes to collecting and analysing data from social media?

Truescope prioritises ethical integrity in data collection and analysis through accreditation, a commitment to high ethical standards, and close collaboration with social media giants like Meta and Reddit. Our accreditation status testifies to our dedication to respecting content owners and platform guidelines. We always work hand-in-hand with these platforms, ensuring our methods align with the standards they’ve set. We also grant data suppliers access to our trial accounts for auditing purposes, ensuring transparency. Recognising potential ethical challenges our clients might encounter, we instinctively uphold stringent ethical norms, ensuring our clients always operate within legal boundaries.

How does Truescope ensure that the insights it provides are based on credible sources and factual information?

Our strength lies in our vast information database. We enhance our data sources and processes through strategic collaborations with global public sector clients, helping us define source credibility and set benchmarks. Our global footprint, supported by local data teams, also ensures our insights remain pertinent. Additionally, we’re not solitary in combating misinformation; we’re part of a larger media tech network. By partnering with entities across distribution, research, and social care, we create a robust ecosystem paired with our collective expertise that guides our clients, ensuring they receive valuable, credible information.

How have global insights and client partnerships shaped Truescope’s innovations?

With teams in the United States, Australia, and Asia, we are able to recognise the varied social media behaviours across regions. This global insight emphasises tailoring strategies to maximise benefits in all markets. We also engage with a proactive client group from diverse sectors, collaborating to innovate. This partnership has birthed advancements like AI-driven search, automated reports, video analytics, and seamless third-party data integration, catering to specific needs while elevating the industry.