Sean Low,

co-founder of Noah

Sean Low isn’t one to shy away from talking about taboo subjects. In his previous role as product lead for an end-of-life tech start up, he dealt with issues such as cremation, estate administration and wills. He’s since left the company to start his own firm, Noah, a digital health clinic for men.

The 25-year-old who is in the pink of health now helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE) or hair loss.

“Death and impotence are both taboo areas,” he says. “But it boiled down to whether I wanted to build somebody else’s rocketship or do I want to build my own,” he says, on the decision to start his own firm.

He believes he found a sweet spot in helping men. “No one likes visiting the doctor whether it is for the flu or something more serious. Especially so when it comes to sensitive conditions, or having to speak about our more intimate parts. We all also know that machismo sometimes gets in the way too.”

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He adds that in Singapore, there is often a lack of understanding and conversation surrounding men’s health issues. “When it comes to ED, PE and even hair loss, they are aptly referred to as ‘by-the-way’ conditions. Noah removes the hassle and embarrassment of going down and having those awkward conversations in-person.” It has over 8,000 users currently – older men tend to seek treatment for ED, while younger men turn to Noah for hair loss problems.

Users fill up an online medical evaluation form before going on a video call with one of Noah’s three doctors, and followup sessions are arranged too.

Consultations are free. Users pay only for the medication which is delivered in discreet pouches for free within four hours.

Noah Telemedicine
Noah Telemedicine

“Telemedicine is definitely here to stay. The pandemic has accelerated its adoption, and globally, people are experiencing first-hand how telemedicine can increase healthcare accessibility and affordability,” says Mr Low.

While there are no plans to start a similar platform for women, Mr Low says he has received lots of inquiries about other areas of care for men and will be addressing those in the near future.

This article was originally published in The Business Times.

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