He’s built the grandest homes and grandstands, but Teo Ah Khing says his greatest joy is helping young people achieve their dreams. “It doesn’t cost a lot of money but it can change someone’s life. There is a lot of satisfaction, especially when you visit them and see progress. I’ve had my glorious days. Now I want to be useful.”

Teo regularly visits schools in China and uses clips of his winning horses racing to the finishing line to encourage the young. It’s the best language one can use, he says, especially for natives of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, who have a natural affinity with horses. They can identify with these horses.

Teo Ah Khing (extreme left) with Australia which won last June's Irish Derby.
Teo Ah Khing (extreme left) with Australia which won last June’s Irish Derby.

“There’s no need to create new topics with horses; their actions help you do the talking. These clips have encouraged many kids who are slow learners and delinquents. They may not listen to their teachers but they pay full attention to the videos. They probably see themselves as a Tropaios or Australia. It’s the same with life, isn’t it? We can get the best trainer and jockey, but it ultimately rests on the performance of the horse.”

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